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Buying New Car Through Fleet Sales

Over the last few years, the ratio of people buying a new car through fleet sales has increased drastically. It has emerged as the new trend and has gained much popularity. These days many fleet departments are selling new cars of various models. In fact, purchasing a car through fleet sales has become lot easier option to have a new car. With a minimum of negotiation and less time spent at the dealership, you can drive away in an all new automobile. However, the key point that you need to consider is that since you are buying a car at wholesale prices, there are a few essential points that can help you in getting a better deal on the car you want. Here are few vital points that you must consider and guidelines that can help you a lot while purchasing a car through fleet sales:

Be clear in your mind about the car model you want to choose: No doubt, dealing with fleet sales not just saves your money and time, but its only possible when you are clear in your mind the car model you want to purchase. Unlike the retail salesperson, fleet sellers usually don’t like spending hours trying to persuade you to buy a particular car. Generally, they are trained to sell cars cheap and fast. As a result, it is always better you know what model and colour options you want prior you contact a fleet sales department. The more clear you are in your selection the less time you will spend in making a final deal, which in turn may help you in getting the most out of your transaction.

Try to know the prices or discounts available on your chosen car model: It is always vital to know whether the prices or discounts are available or not. Knowing the dealer’s invoice price or the MSRP are important, but the key point to note is the dealership’s discount. Virtually most dealership and fleet company’s work on volume discounts, so it can be very beneficial if you can know whether there is any discount available on your chosen car model or not.

Always try to have a negotiation: Once you are clear with the model you want to buy and have an idea whether discounts are available or not, it’s important to contact the dealership and have a sweet game of negotiation. Every dealer tries to offer the most attractive bids, but yet you must always ask them to re-quote the car based on your specifications as soon as possible. Explain them what your lowest bid was and just try to query whether they can negotiate on this or not. This tip can be very helpful as at times a dealer gets ready to bump their selling price. After doing this, if they say yes then just ask them to fax that bid immediately and make an appointment to get the paperwork.

Apart from all this, the most unique thing about dealing with fleet sales in order to have a new car is that sometimes a fleet manager or salesperson may even arrange financing between the retail and financing departments. Even if you have been unable to arrange your own financing, the fleet sales department can do it for you. So try to find out whether the fleet sales department actually offer any financing or not.

Finally, once you are done with your negotiation and all set to drive away a new car, make sure you once again inspect it carefully and test drive it properly. It doesn’t matter, even if you have already test driven that model previously, at times individual cars do have some minor manufacturing variations. Therefore, it is worth taking a quick spin to ensure everything is in good shape.

Today no doubt with the introduction of various fleet departments the buying process of a new car has gone smoother and takes less time. Fleet managers can do everything from start to finish, but yet taking care of a few essential points as mentioned above might help get a good deal.

Model Building To Great Family Bonding

Model building can be a great way for fathers and sons to create family bonding. This is one hobby that they can continue for years to come as they explore the different modeling projects they can do together.

Years ago, the model selection at a store might have consisted of a few different   car   models  to choose from. In this day of age, the possibilities are just about limitless. Model building has blossomed into a diverse mixture of traditional models and new innovative designs.

You can find boat models, figure models, and even remote control  car   models  where you build the model from the ground up and proudly race it around the neighborhood for the world to see. Realizing that your hard work went into building it makes the car that much more fun.

If architecture is something you are interested in, you can find scale building models to keep you busy and even teach you a little something about the industry. These can be a perfect choice for a young person interested in pursuing a career in building or engineering.

Of course it won’t teach you how to build a real building but it can be a lot of fun and offer some sound examples of how architects actually go about creating model buildings and turning them into a reality.

Model building can also be a fun way to create miniature rockets that really work, or aircraft models that really fly. Children often want to explore this as part of their interest in science in school.

Model building together as a family creates a bond and offers a great way to spend quality time. If you are not into model building when it comes to creating cars, trucks, or airplanes, you might want to try something a little less directed like building with plastic blocks.

Although not the traditional kind of model building, these things do offer a certain amount of building capability that is fun and not time consuming. These are also great ways to get young children involved in the sport of model building.

All in all, model building has been known as a man’s sport per say, but more and more women are getting involved with it. After all it can be very satisfying to build something from scratch and call it your own, something no one else in the world has one of the same even if it comes from a model building kit.

Everyone puts their own special touch on their projects and usually end up altering the design in one form or another because of ideas that might spring up during construction. This is just another reason model building is so popular, because no matter what project you take on, you know it will be a one of a kind creation.

Model building is a great hobby that can opens up the communication channel. It encourages interaction between the hobbyists. It also serve as a great educational tool for the children as they learn about more about modeling.

Cheapest New Cars

As gas prices rise and the economy remains challenging, an increasing number of people are looking to save money on their new car purchases. The cheapest car types are normally subcompact and compact models. When you combine their starting prices with their increasingly more fuel efficient-engines and improved quality, their sales have been increasing. For example, the new Ford Fiesta set a monthly sales record in March 2011.

Subcompacts are the cheapest 2011 cars. Some models come in both sedan and hatchback forms while others are hatchback only. 2011 subcompact models include the Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Ascent, Mazda Mazda2, Kia Rio5, Scion xD, and Chevrolet Aveo. South Korean manufacturer Daewoo makes the Aveo for Chevy. The Fiesta and Mazda2 are new models for 2012.

The majority of subcompact cars have a hatchback body style although sedans remain popular. Hatchbacks provide more cargo room than a sedan, while delivering comparable fuel economy. Expect this trend of more hatchbacks to continue if gas prices rise above $4 per gallon. In Europe, hatchbacks are much more common than sedans, as gas is expensive and space is at a premium.

Most subcompact models are geared towards fuel economy and affordability. However, there is now a greater variety in the subcompact class, appealing to different types of buyers. For example, the 2011 CR-Z is a subcompact coupe. The Suzuki SX4 Crossover is a hatchback that has all-wheel drive, currently a unique feature among subcompacts. The all-wheel drive costs about $1,000 more than the front-wheel drive model.

There are also more stylish, more refined, and more expensive European designed subcompacts such as the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500, which is also new to the U.S. as a 2012 model. There are also tiny subcompacts such as the Smart Fortwo, which only seats two.

There are small, boxy models such as the Nissan Cube, which follows on the success of the Scion xB. These models have been called mini multi-purpose vehicles and are already popular in Japan. More are coming to the U.S. market. Because the subcompact class continues to expand in different forms, some in the automotive industry consider B-segment cars to be subcompacts, reserving the A-segment for smaller mini cars.

Several compact car models are close in price to subcompact models and should also be considered. For example, the excellent 2011 Hyundai Elantra starts at below $15,000, making it an affordable new car purchase. Other models such as the Kia Soul blur the line between subcompact and compact, offering different engine sizes. The base Soul starts at $13,300.

Kids Electric Car Toys – A Buying Guide

If you are thinking of buying a kids electric car for your child and are unsure about what is available on the market, then I ask that you read through this brief buyers guide. Within this guide we will cover things such as electric ride on car features, the types and designs of car models available and we shall discuss sensible usage and general maintenance issues.

Indoor & Outdoor Ride on Car Models

The ride on electric cars on the market today are suitable for indoor & outdoor use though would recommend outdoor use to allow your child the freedom to explore your garden on four wheels and get out from under your feet. In fact by encouraging your child to drive their ride on car outdoors you will be benefiting them by making outdoor play more fun.

Kids Electric Car Features

When choosing which ride on car to buy you will be looking at what kinds of features they come with so your child can have as much fun as possible whilst driving around your garden in it. Common kids electric car features available are as follows:

  • Forward and reverse gears
  • Fully working lights
  • Fully functional parental remote control
  • 99% already built (minimal assembly required)
  • Key start
  • Foot accelerator

With features like these your child will feel right at home in one of our ride on toys.

Kids Electric Car Models Available

If you want to buy your child a ride on car that resembles your own road car then you may be in luck as there are number of kids electric car models which are styled on popular cars such as Audi TTs, BMWs, Ferraris, Aston Martins and even Porsches.

So if you drive a Porsche you may want to get your child a Porsche styled ride on car so they can mimic you and parked next to each other with their owners they would make a great family photograph.

Safe Driving & Maintenance Issues

Ideally kids electric car toys should be used outdoors but they can be driven indoors in areas such as large garages, barns, etc. Ride on cars can be driven on grass, gravel, concrete or Tar-Mac and your child should get approx 2 hours driving time out of a single charge with average cars on flat terrain.

Packaged & Delivered Ready to Go

Generally kids ride on electric car toys come with the car itself, a parental remote control so you can over-ride their controls should they get into difficulty in your flower beds, a rechargeable battery, battery charger, an instruction manual and a ride on car motor.

The car itself should not require any real maintenance if kept in good condition and most come already 99% pre-built so will only require minimal know-how in order to get going.

It is recommended that you re-charge the ride on car battery for the full time as stated in the manual so as to get the maximum ride time out of it for your child.

Children should ideally be supervised when using ride on cars not only if you choose to use them in a public park, but also at home in your garden. The parental remote control over-ride comes in very handy and gives you piece of mind that you have ultimate control over what direction your child is travelling in. Kids electric cars are a joy to drive and your child will have hours of fun should you choose to buy them one and used in accordance with the manual you should get many years use out of them.

Nascar Diecast Cars Are a Collector’s Favorite

What are Nascar Diecast Model Cars

Nascar diecast model cars are collectible toys that are produced using a die casting method. The cars are made of a metal alloy of aluminum and zinc, with the remaining parts of the car being plastic. Along with the growing popularity of Nascar racing in the 1990s, came the die cast cars and trucks of Nascar painted in the colors of the different racing teams. There were several different manufacturers of these products in the beginning with many of these manufacturers either dropping or selling their Nascar line as time has gone by.

The History of Die Cast Cars

Diecast (or die cast, or die-cast) toys were first produced early in the 20th century by manufacturers in the United Kingdom and in the United States. The first models on the market were basic, consisting of a small car or van body with no interior. In the early days it was common for impurities in the metal alloy to result in metal fatigue and the casting would crack or decompose for no apparent reason. As a result, diecast toys made before World War II are difficult to find in good condition.

In or about 1947, the popular Matchbox 1-75 series was developed and manufactured. The series was so named because there were always 75 different vehicles in the line, each packaged in a small box designed to look like those used for matches. These toys became so popular that “Matchbox” was widely used as a generic term for any diecast toy car, regardless of who the actual manufacturer was.

Nascar Diecasts Become Collectibles

As with anything developed with the sports fan in mind, these toy cars quickly became collectible items. As drivers such as the late Dale Earnhardt arrived at the track with different paint color schemes, a new diecast car would quickly arrive to match that new paint scheme and the fans of each driver would have to have the new car to add to their collection of memorabilia. Many of these cars are produced in special or limited additions which immediately make them attractive due to their limited availability. Thus, with the limited availability, as well as the addition of autographed models, these unique little diecast cars have become a favorite of Nascar collectors everywhere.

The BMW X5 Car is a Special Model

Do you like four wheel drive cars? Most people who do will appreciate the amazing BMW X5. Like all of the other BMW models the design of this car is very sleek and the design is very fashionable. It is typically available in black or dark grey colours. The design of the BMW X5 is elegant and will still fell the same way after many years. The purchase of a BMW can be regarded as a good long term investment because as well as holding their value well their model shapes also remains fashionable for years to come.

If you like going on driving holidays, and particularly driving off road, the BMW X5 represents the perfect purchase or rental for you and your family. With its four by four wheel driving system the BMW X5 will be easily able to negotiate any winding country roads, fields or steep hills. The BME X5 is either available in a Special Edition version or an M Sport version with four variations on each. Both models also start with a three litre injection engines and go all the way up to a 4.8 litre injection system. Both BMW X5 models have petrol and diesel options available. The BME X5 SE ranges in pricing from £40,605 to £51,220 and vary greatly in power from an output of 272 horse power to a staggering 355. The BMW X5 SE in terms of power, fuel consumption and emissions is exactly the same as the BMW X5 M Sport version. The only thing that seems to vary greatly is the price. For simply adding on M Sport to the name and changing the body shape slightly they have significantly increased the price.

Normal BMW’s like the M3 are typically know as boy racer cars but the BMW X5 is typically more of an elite car for a discerning buyer.

The BMW X5 is similar inside to the Range Rover from Land Rover. Much like the Porsche Cayenne in terms of practicality and space the Porsche Cayenne four wheel driver offers its illustrious potential owner a very comfortable drive, a great elevated seated position with great panoramic views.

When the BMW X5 3.0d SE was reviewed on Top gear in 2007 it achieved a respectable four out of five star rating. The car of eights as confirmed by Topgear’s Piers Ward, what you get for your money is eight percent higher fuel efficiency, eight percent less carbon dioxide emissions and it somehow manages to achieve eight percent more power. Amazing!!

As mentioned, emission for the newer versions are down from previous models which shows that BMW is striving to make their cars, particularly the heavier consuming ones like the X5 more environmentally friendly.

Whilst the BMW X5 can start from as little of £40,000 there are various financing options for hire purchase or lease purchase which mean that you can get your hands on the car for around £500 per calendar month. With a hire purchase this is great for a consumer like yourself as you can part exchange your old car, throw in some extra cash in order to bulk up your deposit and pay the rest off in monthly installments over varying periods like thirty six, sixty of seventy two months. You will obviously have to pay interest on any such deal but the advantage clearly lies in not having to layout so much cash initially which can be put to better use elsewhere. After all cash is king!!

How to Find Antique Model Cars

 Model   cars  have been around for a very long time. Now considered antiques, many of the first ones to ever come out are highly sought after by antique dealers and  model   car  collectors alike. If you love  model   cars  and have been considering collecting antique ones then it can really pay off in knowing where to go to find them.

It may seem like the easiest option when you think about it but if you go to an antique shop you are pretty well guaranteed to spend much more than you would either want or deserve to. Antique dealers have a tendency to float their prices according to what they wish to pull in. If an item books at $26 you might see a price tag of $28. This is not to say that it is not worth the book price but you can find them for much cheaper than this if you are prepared to spend a bit of time and a little more effort.

The first place to find antique  model   cars  is at auctions. Sometimes what is know as lots are sold off which often contain boxes of random items. The auctioneers or auction house will often let you look through the boxes before they go on sale and you just need to know which one contains the cars you would like to buy. First off, know your book prices even if you have to carry a price guide with you. You would not want to buy a box of stuff for fifty dollars just for a five dollar car. Next be sure that in the excitement of the auction you do not let auction fever take over and run your bill up as well.

It can happen and does happen to people quite often. If the hustle and bustle of an auction is not to your liking then you should consider cruising yard sales. While the pickings can be a bit more slim sometimes you can still run across real treasures that are an extreme bargain. Many people do not realize what they have so you can purchase them at a good price. The only down side to this method is that you have to be quick to get to potential yard sales. Antique hunters will often get there early and pick up any treasures that might be offered.

By the time you get there all the antique cars that might have been there could be gone. If you would rather spend your time at home searching for the cars you can surf the Internet. There are many different options available on the net. This includes online auctions, antique dealer websites, and car collector websites that may offer antique  model   cars  for sale. No matter which online method you choose you will have a good deal of websites at your fingertips to help you find the antique  model   car  of your dreams. Now all you have to do is to begin your treasure hunt. Happy hunting!

Why Honda Cars Are a Great Choice

Honda began its journey with humble baby steps, post WWII, when it started with the motorcycle range. Honda then released their first road car in the early 1960s, they developed their first road car. Since then they have established themselves as the leader in the automobile industry. Honda has always gone beyond being just a manufacturer of reliable, fuel efficient cars. They provide a level of unsurpassed performance, comfort and mileage, what with a wide range of automobiles on offer. Occupying the fourth position in the global auto arena, Honda cars are well liked and sought after. With Honda you know that you will get just the right car that fits your lifestyle and is light on the pocket too.

These cars appeal across the different demographies. Oft times you will notice that Honda cars seem to hesitate with rebates and money back attractions. The primary reason behind this is to counter a fall in resale value in the homeland. It is understandable therefore that Honda cars come with other incentives such as low APR and leasing options. With improved safety features, a more powerful engine as well as spacious seating for the sedan range, Honda cars offer value for money.

  Car   models  range from Element, a model that is quite unusual, to the Civic, a prime example of small cars. The Civic has also seen some user friendly modifications in the form of an in built navigation system and monitoring of tire pressure. The year 2008 has seen a complete revamp of Honda Accord. The enhanced Honda  car   model , the Odyssey, has also seen some marked change with a better suspension system in place, and improved horsepower as also a modification in the wheel structure.

Honda cars also make a mark in the award arena, bagging quite a few distinctions there. While the Civic received the Motor Trend Car award, the Ridgeline is often admired for its top class performance. It’s not an exaggeration to day that the Honda range of automobiles are trusted for their robust engines and power packed driving capacity. The Honda car manufacturers have a long standing name for dependability and value for money. It’s no surprise that Honda cars have been adjudged the best models offering good Industry Brand Residual Value by the Automotive Lease Guide. With several innovative makes in the pipeline, counting the Si Mugen model, Honda cars are likely to meet Gen X face up!

Cars for Sale: The Best Volkswagen Models of All Time

Old or new, cars are precious objects, especially for those who like to adore their automotive and are passionate about buying cars. Over the years there have been a lot of amazing car manufacturers around the world and one of the best is Volkswagen. From used cars to new cars, buying a Volkswagen is a dream come true. Some of the iconic Volkswagen models of all time are:

Volkswagen Beetle

Known as one of the most iconic cars designed in 20th century, Volkswagen Beetle is among the most distinctive and recognizable cars in the world. First produced in 1938 and continued to come of the production line until today, it is one of the longest running models in the world. Beetle is originally designed as an economy style vehicle and everyone who has used it loved it. The car is spacious and has extraneous strength and rigidity and is perfect for those who find happiness in small and charming cars.

Volkswagen Golf

First introduced in the year 1970, Volkswagen Golf has gone on to become the best selling model of all time. The Golf was designed and marketed as a small family car and is popular with both customers and the experts. Popular by the name of Golf in various parts of the world it was marketed as the Rabbit in USA and has got appreciation in every country that it is sold. The car is considered another of the iconic Volkswagen designs and its looks are a big part of its appeal. Keeping in mind its popularity among fans, Golf is definitely one of the finest cars for sale of all time.

Volkswagen Transporter

Another iconic looking automotive by Volkswagen, the Transporter is a series of minivans, campervans and minibuses and cannot be considered as a car. The transporters are among the most used cars for sale and are a beloved of families and groups of friends as a means of having a touring vacation. Transporters became the favorite of travel lovers and tour planners and were a common sight on the highways and byways during the summer months as a lot of people used them for getting around on their holidays.

Downsides of Diesel-Powered Cars

Diesel-powered cars were previously considered as the most widely-used type of car. This is because the price of diesel that is used as fuel for these cars is cheaper compared to gasoline. Due to this, a lot of car finders in the past would want to purchase diesel-powered cars of their own since these could provide them with greater savings from lower annual expenses on fuel.

But as the years go by, a lot of car experts have learned some of the downsides of this type of cars. Due to this, vehicles powered by diesel engines became least desirable. It even reached to the point that diesel-powered cars almost disappeared in the market and this was due to the negative characteristics that were found on this type of vehicle. Some of the most popular downsides of diesel-powered cars are as follows.

1. Higher gas emissions

One of the most notable downsides of a diesel-powered car is its higher gas emission. Compared to   car   models  that are propelled by gasoline engines, diesel cars usually emit higher amounts of dark smoke that are considered as very harmful to the natural environment. This is also the reason why this type of cars in the US became unpopular since the environmental issues that were thrown against these vehicles were publicized.

But as the growing concern towards the harmful effects of the gas emitted by diesel cars intensified, several car makers have come up with the technology to allow these cars to reduce their emissions. As a result, the latest diesel  car   models  in the market have lesser emissions.

2. Delivers poor performance

 Car   models  that are powered by diesel engines are also considered less desirable compared to its counterparts that are equipped with gasoline engines. This is because most of these diesel  car   models  have poor running performance especially in terms of acceleration. In addition to this, a lot of diesel car owners have been complaining about their vehicles’ poor handling.

To address this concern, a lot of car makers who are involved in producing this have subjected their vehicles to major upgrades and these were aimed at improving the overall performance of these cars. These vehicle manufacturers have also installed a lot of add-ons on their diesel  car   models  as well as offer a lot of auto financing deals to boost their sales.

3. Higher maintenance costs

Diesel-powered cars are also criticized for their higher maintenance costs. This simply means that the owner usually incurs higher expenses just to have his or her vehicle repaired whenever this is not working well. There are also a lot of instances when the owner of a diesel car would have a hard time in looking for spare parts just to make his or her vehicle in good working condition.