Top Back-To-School Car Models

The month of August is about to end and students that are on vacation would soon be back to school. Due to this, a lot of parents are probably planning to purchase cars that they could use to haul their children to and from the school. Unfortunately not all of these parents know the best  car   models  that they could purchase for this particular purpose. In order to help them, this article provides a number top  car   models  most parents could use for this school year and these are the following.

1.     Toyota Prius V

The Toyota Prius V can be considered as one of the top  car   models  that most parents could use to transport their students to and from the school since this is very fuel efficient and capable of handling up to 5 passengers. The Prius V obtained the EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings of 44 miles per gallon and this makes the vehicle ideal for daily transport tasks.

In addition to this, any buyer who is interested in buying the Toyota Prius V as a back to school vehicle could easily purchase this since the vehicle is sold at a cheaper price. Based on the latest pricing, the Toyota Prius V is currently sold at a base price of $26,550.

2.     Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima is the most appropriate  car   model  for parents who are in need of vehicles that they or their children could use for daily commutes to school but are currently on tighter budgets. This is because the Nissan Altima could be considered as one of the cheapest sedans in the market with a base price of $21,500.

But despite of its cheaper price, the Nissan Altima sedan could still be regarded as an ideal vehicle for daily commutes to school since this car is fuel efficient and provides a spirited driving performance. In addition to that, the Altima’s 4-door set up allows its occupants to enter and exit the vehicle with utmost ease.

3.     Honda Odyssey

The top back-to-school  car   models ‘ list will not be completed in the event that this will not include the Honda Odyssey. This is because the Odyssey has long been considered as one of the most appropriate vehicle models that parents could use in transporting their kids to and from the school. Aside from its roomy interiors, the Odyssey is also equipped with a large dual-screen TV and a third row seat that makes this vehicle very suitable to kids.

The Honda Odyssey is currently sold at a starting price of $28,375 and provides a combined fuel economy ratings of 28 miles per gallon.

Model Car Prototypes Lead the Way

 Model   cars  have been around for quite some time. As a hobby modeling has seen a rise, a decline, and it has risen again. Modelers come from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. From Canada to Greece to Vietnam there are people every where who love to build  model   cars . It is a hobby that can teach you to use your creative side. It can also teach you that the art of building models surpasses all language barriers.

With all the people building models how does it figure into everyday life? One of the most important functions that  model   car  builders fill falls within the automotive field. When car makers set out to build a new model of car they begin with an idea. They work it out on paper and computers and then they turn to the experts. Who do they call? Modelers, of course.

A model maker will come in and cast a clay model from the designs produced by the concept artists. This model will then be used as a means of making changes in how the prototype of the new vehicle should look. Not only have modelers long been used in the automotive industry, some of the industry’s drive has come from model that were built as prototypes before the concept was ever considered.

Famous model builders have been building clay cars for years by combining parts of existing  model   cars  and changing them to match the design that they have carefully thought out or have chosen based on what the consumers have been asking for and try out on a whim. Whims of fancy can lead to the creation of many different innovations. How easy would it be to assemble a plastic  model   car  and catch yourself thinking “hey, this would look cool in a car!”

If you do then it may be a good idea to set your car up and snap some shots of the changes you have made. Once you get several good pictures you should then sit down and write out your ideas or better yet type them. It would not do to send them in and get them back with a note saying that they could not read your handwriting. If it is something extremely inventive that you feel could possibly worth quite a bit of money then you could consider applying for a patent first. The patent process can be somewhat tedious but is worth it in the long run.

By getting your idea patented you will ensure that you idea stays yours so that you can then have a chance to offer it to several different auto manufacturers. Also by spreading your ideas around you have a better chance of them possibly taking off. New body styles are always on the drawing boards and car manufacturers often look to the public for new and exciting ideas. Who knows, you could be the next Diesel, Shelby, or Ford. Just make sure that you don’t become the next Tucker, Hudson, or DeLorean.

BMW Old Models And New Models

BMW as a company was created in 1927, being at first an engine producer and then a motorcycle producer. Even today, BMW is known to be a great motorcycle producer. Only after a while, BMW has become a car manufacturer. The initials stand for Bavarian Motor Works, but not many people pay attention to that, the BMW initials being more famous than anything. BMW was not acquired by other car manufacturer company, being a big company already, too big to be incorporated by others. Instead, BMW has developed into the parent company of the Rolls Royce and the MINI, and these were two very important achievements for the business.

BMW has engaged in producing limited series of models, which are the odd numbered and even numbered series. Some of these limited series models comprise the saloon sedan and the estate wagon on one hand and the coupes and cabriolets on the other. The 6 Series and the 8 Series of BMWs are just a few of the launched models of luxury cars by BMW. These are older models, classic ones, so if you are looking for something fresh and hot, you could check out the Z3 and the Z4. These models are BMW roadsters presented in two door convertible and two door coupe models. The Z3 has even stared in the James Bond movie called Golden Eye.

The 5 Series BMWs have just been launched. The 5 Series cars are mid sized luxury cars or executive cars and can be ordered in sedan and touring body styles. Even if the model is a bit older, being launched in 1972, the technicians from BMW have added a plus of new technology and glamour, making these BMW a treasure to have.

At the sports car chapter, BMW will launch the V/F3, a sports tourer.

In case you are wondering what BMW has in stock for you, here’s a hint: the Z10. This will be a better Z8, which is a two seat, two door convertible car. The Z10 is out in 2008 and will be endowed with a V10 engine of 550 horse power. Only the Z2 can beat that, and you can expect this model to appear in 2009, the Z2 will feature a 4 cylinder engine, being a roadster and coupe.

The Appeal of Maisto Model Cars

Maisto  model   cars  are considered to be some of the very best on the market today. The method to their appeal is two-fold: First, their replica models are absolutely perfect, and some of the most highly detailed models in production. Second, their toy cars are really imaginative and a lot of fun, even for adults.

Maisto  model   cars  employs fewer than fifty people, total. This includes everyone who models the cars, the guys who go out and photograph the new models for reference, the upper management, and even the people who answer the phones. All of the design is handled in house by a small team of artists.

We point this out as an example of the integrity of the company. Maisto aren’t out to make a quick buck on chintzy products, or else they’d be willing to hire any halfway decent car modeler who walks into their office. Rather, Maisto is only looking to hire the best of the best, passionate gearheads with a real love for cars and an almost unhealthy obsession with attention to detail.

This hiring practice pays off. When you look at a 1:24 scale model from Maisto  Model   Cars , you’ll be able to count every screw and built on the body. Take a picture of a Maisto model, hold it up to a picture of the real deal, and nine times out of ten, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Maisto produces snap together kits, diecast models and high skill level model kits. If you really want the best detail, we recommend the high skill level kits. They take awhile to put together, but you really get an appreciation of what goes into these kits when you put them together yourself.

Those toy  model   cars  we referenced earlier, on the other hand, don’t really look anything like any real car on the market today. With the flip of a switch via remote control, their RC cars will transform into robots and launch foam darts at one another. In other words, these are the RC cars we wish we had to play with as kids.

These toy cars actually provide a lot of the income for the company, allowing them to take more risks in their scale modeling. For example, a perfect scale model of a Studebaker might not be the best selling item on the market, but because Maisto is also a toy company, they can afford to release other products that only a small handful of diehard gearheads will really appreciate.

The New Upcoming Cars For April 2010

With the beginning of every fiscal year the global automobile market witness the launch and introduction of different new cars. Especially in the month of April, as a new fiscal year begins, various car manufacturing companies go for up-gradations in their present existing   car   models  and introduce all-new  car   models . In fact, redesigning and updating the present existing  car   models  with greater frequency have been the major trend that the auto industry has been following for many years. This year too, the anticipations are very high among car lovers and the search for new cars is going to be once again very tricky with the introduction of new brand cars. Starting from utility vehicles to sports sedans, this year too car lovers can expect something more in order to suit their choice and price range. Therefore, in this new fiscal year if you are looking to purchase a new car then here are some of the best brand new  car   models  that you must look for:

BMW X1– In the month of April, BMW is going to introduce a brand new  car   model  X1 in the Australian auto market. Featuring fully variable Valvetronic management, variable double-Vanos camshaft adjustment and an adaptable intake system, this new X1 model can easily accelerate to 100km/h in 9.7 seconds. Talking in terms of its exterior look, at the front, the peculiarly shaped bonnet and the dynamic three-eye look of the headlights actually makes a striking impact, and the L-shaped taillights in combination with the horizontal flow of lines visually broaden the rear view. It features agile handling, spirited acceleration along with a decent ride and a well-finished interior which definitely makes it more impressive.

Volvo C30 – The much awaited and expected new  car   model  from Volvo is also going to be introduced in the market in April, 2010. This new affordable Volvo C30 is going to be class on its own as it will represent safety, quality and eco-friendliness in its best form. The model is best in its range and guaranteed to offer the most composed handling, stylish looks and a classy, well-built interior.

Fiat 500– This year, all those who have always admired and loved driving Fiat  car   models  are going to witness Fiat’s first Abarth model in Australia. Provided with unique features such as 17-inch wheels, bigger brakes, firmer suspension and an even wilder body kit will make it pleasure to drive. It is a perfect model of ardently designed car that contains everything starting from superior, technological, and refined accessories. The car is also going to be loaded with great features like electric drive door mirrors, airbags, anti-lock brakes, leather steering wheel and folding and adjustable rear seat. It can be considered as the vintage Fiat’s iconic  car   model  that is going to give you a comfortable and joyful driving experience.

Nissan Altima– The Altima has always been one of top-rated family sedans for years, and this year too its refreshing model for 2010 is going to get much better. The new model will have an improved gas mileage and expected to feature standard ESC in all the trim lines. The all new Altima is also expected to offer an appealing balance of comfort and performance. The interior cabin is more spacious and well finished. With features like secure handling and spirited acceleration, this new Nissan Altima is going to make your driving more pleasurable.

Volkswagen Polo GTI– Car lovers in the month of April are going to witness the launch of the fifth-generation Polo as well. This brand new  car   model  will be available in three-door and five-door hatch body styles. Adding to this, the model will also be available with three engines including a 77kw/175Nm 1.2 litre turbo petrol engine. Adding to this, the new model is also going to have a very sleek exterior featuring body coloured bumper and dashing front grille. Moreover, you may even get amazed after having a look at its interiors that includes some of the most prominent features such as dual tone dashboard, leather covered steering wheel & gear knob along with relaxed and sporty seats. Apart from all these, this new model is also going to score high on safety features as it includes ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution) along with Hill Hold Control that may further enhance the stability while driving.

These are some of the best  car   models  that you can expect to witness in various showrooms and running on the road in the year 2010. So by now if you have decided to buy any of these models, the next best thing you must perform is a proper research regarding the authentic dealers as well. No doubt, owning a car does matter, but the importance of having a good car evaluation and selection process cannot be ignored. Buying a new car involves a good sum of money and it is always better to have a car that can give you true value for money.

The History of James Bond Model Cars

The production of Corgi’s first Aston Martin DB5 model in 1965, which was based on the car featured in Goldfinger complete with ejector seat, coincided with the beginning of the Bond phenomenon, but the success of the company’s James Bond  model   cars  could hardly have been predicted.

Three years later Corgi had sold 3.9 million units of the DB5 making it an instant and – judging by the fact it is produced to this day – timeless classic. Much sought after as collector’s pieces, if you are lucky to own one in pristine condition from the early 1970s the value is something in the range of £200-£300, although why would you want to part with it at all? And if you have one showing some wear and tear, the value is probably something of the order of £50.

Corgi is currently going strong and with each new James Bond film it produces another of its die-cast classic scale models, which are keenly snapped up by collectors. And although it is easy to see Corgi as a company producing children’s toys, nothing could be further from the truth – when in the ’80s the company suffered from a downturn in the toy market due to computer games and the like taking a significant amount of market share the company took a long hard look at what it was doing and deliberately refocused on the adult collector.

The change of strategy paid off with a huge increase in sales as James Bond models other collectible cars were snapped up. Corgi has continued to develop its ranges and current models in the James Bond range in clued a gold-plated collectors edition DB5  model   car , proving the eternal interest in this car.

While Corgi has been well established in Britain for years, it is not the only company to hold a license to produce 007 cars – RC2 produced 1:18 scale models including the DB5 and the Aston Martin DBS from Casino Royale, while radio controlled versions of the cars are available from Nikko.

And proving that the market for 007  model   cars  remain strong, there is a new magazine aimed at Bond  model   car  collectors. It’s called The James Bond Car Collection and in addition to a full colour magazine each copy includes a 1:43 scale model from one of the films.

Among the Favorites – Die Cast Models

Since the beginning of the production of   model   cars , there have been a total of ninety-six different brands of  model   cars . Over a period of time, some of them have closed down, resulting in today twelve that are no longer up and running. Among those that are still going strong are the ever popular companies that use the die cast model to create their cars.

The Kinds of Models

There are four scales in which the die cast models are built. These are: 1:18, 1:24, 1:48, and 1:43. The models that are created today are based off of real existing cars. They include much more detail from these cars so that they match the description as much to the T as possible. They do try to make some of the things function. While the steering wheel and the wheels might not work, you can normally open the doors and the trunk, as well as the hood on the 1:32, 1:48, and 1:43 scale cars. This is better than the first die cast models that didn’t have any real life action whatsoever. The reason for adding this was to beat the competition brought on by different parts of the world who were adding more and more detail to make these  model   cars  almost life-like, just miniature. Before long, they added more things such as working suspensions, headlights, and other features as well.

Who Makes the Models?

The United States and The United Kingdom were the first two countries to market the die cast models right after Matchbox was created. It was slow at first. Models were offered for order in catalogues, but as the popularity increased they began to cater to the wishes of their clientele. What were once basic models with no special features changed in the 1970’s when buyers wanted the cars to depict the cars of their dreams. In the 1980’s there was licensing to the die cast models. This meant that the different companies that produced die cast models would sign agreements that license them to make replicas of cars that particular car companies manufacture. The companies can even have their logos imprinted on the car and they also enter into the agreements. Some of these licensing agreements are for companies to produce models that the car companies no longer produce. Examples of the premium models being described here are produced by firms such as: Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, and Fairfield Mint. Other examples of some of the lower end die cast model producers include companies such as: Maisto, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Corgi.

These companies have been bringing fun to people for almost fifty years. They have allowed people to use their creative minds to paint cars in the colors that they see fit. They have let the mind wander as to what sort of car every boy and girl wishes to have. Men have been included in this as well, as real life sets in, and bills have to be paid. What more could a man ask for in a toy that has become so popular after all?

Modifying Officially Licensed Model Cars

Did you love the big car chase in that last movie? It was the one with the orange car that did the big jump onto the freeway with the two cousins at the wheel. Yea, that’s the one. Remember how it got banged up and beat up all through the movie? Well, now you can simulate that on a model of that car. All it takes is a little work and some dedication and you will have a  model   car  that looks just like it did on the movie.

The first thing you must do is to go out and find a model that is listed as an officially licensed model. What this means is that the movie makers and others involved have given the model maker the permission to make a replica of the movie car. While most of these can be rather detailed they usually do not include any of the damage that the car suffers during the movie. What you end up with is a pristine looking vehicle. Nice, but not like the car you are wanting in all its damaged glory.

If you are able then the best way to begin is to find a picture or to make a picture of what you want the car to look like when it is finished. The easiest way to do this is to find one on the Internet and print it out. Remember, such pictures are usually licensed as well so you cannot legally trade, sell, or buy this picture unless the site has express written permission to do so. Once you have this picture you are ready to begin.

You must identify the parts of your  model   car  that will receive the “damage” treatment. Once you begin to assemble the car you will need to know these so you can adjust accordingly. If the part in question is actually missing from the movie vehicle then you will be able to leave it off of your finished  model   car . For example, the car in the movie is missing the rear bumper. You would then leave this bumper off of your car as well. Now for the panel damage. For this you need to know a little about auto lingo to proceed. If you are looking at a car from the side you will notice it is made up of sections. The section nearest the front is called the front quarter panel. The one nearest the bumper is known as the rear quarter panel. You then have the driver side and passenger side.

If the driver side front quarter panel is missing on the movie car then you will want to make sure that you adjust yours to suit. Remember, the movie car may not have lost the whole panel. If it has not then you should trim away the part on yours that needs to be removed and then glue the part to stay into place. You can trim and reattach parts and pieces as you need to with  model   cars  to achieve the effect you are looking for. If there is damage from smoke, paint scrapes, etc. then these are easily achieve by some simple brush strokes in the right place. The end result will be a finished  model   car  that you can really call your own and be proud of.

Model Car Diorama Building Ideas

Building  model   cars  can be fun and rewarding. It is a wonderful hobby that can build skill and allow you to showcase your talent. It is okay to display your car on a shelf but it can be even better to display it in a manner that will give it even more character. This can best be accomplished by displaying your  model   car  in a diorama.

A diorama is basically a model of a natural setting created to scale. It can be of a cityscape, a natural scene, or any other sort of setting. It can be enclosed in clear plastic such as plexiglass or even in glass. They can also just be mounted to a board such as plywood for general display purposes. Now that you know what a diorama is it can also be helpful to know why you might choose this method for displaying your  model   car .

Dioramas have been around for many, many years. They were created as a method of reproducing life size scenes but quickly adapted to depict scaled down scenes as well. Museums used them to recreate historical and prehistorical scenes of everyday life. Soon people, especially children, were creating their own dioramas at home. Typically using shoe boxes they would make miniature recreations of their own rooms complete with tiny dolls and all. Modelers, however, had completely different plans for the diorama.

Modelers would build dioramas to suit their favorite models. For example, a nineteen forties model sedan might be placed in a diorama modeled after a filling station complete with pumps, hoses, and all. A nineteen fifties model might be placed in one that is modeled after a drive-in dinner. The setting was totally up to the imagination of the model builder. As the years have moved on so have modelers. Some have gotten out of building models totally and others have just given up the skill of building a dioramas.

By choosing to build a diorama to suit your model you will be helping to continue an old tradition that could otherwise pass away. You might wonder how you would get started in your endeavor to build one. It is very easy however. The first thing you must do is to figure out what time period in which you wish to set your car. This will help you to know what sort of scenes will be available. You would no more see a Model T at a drive-in movie scene than you would see a futuristic  model   car  parked outside a nineteen fifties malt shop.

Once you decide the time period for your diorama the next thing you must do is to research what sort of scene you wish. Be it outside a gas pump, a restaurant, or wherever you will want to know what they looked like in that time period. Luckily there are many pictures available to get ideas from. While you may not be able to get the exact scale from the picture if you can find one with a car sitting near it you can get a pretty decent idea. For the gaps of the picture you cannot see just use your imagination.

Whether you get your information on the Internet, from books, or from personal photos it does not matter. What matters is that you are now on your way to keeping the art of diorama building alive.

Building Model Cars – A Hobby For a Lifetime

Buying and assembling  model   cars  can be quite a hobby. Many who have never tried it may think that there is not much to it. You buy a kit, open it up, glue it together and you are done. Those of us who have made it a personal hobby know that it is so much more. Building a  model   car  involves learning how to keep your patience. It also can require a good deal of skill. While beginners can find ones that will cater to their ability level those who have worked up to an expert level can still find  model   cars  to challenge them.

Just how do you get into modeling as a hobby? It can be somewhat simple to get your start. It will be up to you just how you will progress from there. Go to your local retail store and see if they carry a selection of plastic  model   cars . Make sure that you select one that is appropriate for beginners. Most model manufacturers will label the box according to the skill level. Make sure that it is one that will apply to your tastes as well.

Once you find the one you want you should also pick up a hobby knife and some model adhesive. Many who have been putting together  model   cars  for a while will also choose to paint their car. You may attempt to do so but if you have no painting experience it is best to practice assembling your  model   car  before you worry about painting one.

Once you have you car, glue, and knife you are ready to head home and open up your new model. You might want to place a drop cloth or tack cloth down before you begin to assemble your  model   car . This will keep adhesive off of the surface you are using as your worktable. When you open your box you will notice that the parts are all connected to a plastic frame.

Some people refer to this as a parts tree. You should not cut the parts off the tree until you are ready to assemble them. It is easy to lose small parts and you might notice that the part number is on the tree not on the part itself so it can be difficult to identify as well.

Follow your directions that come with each model. They will step you through the entire assembly process so that you will end up with an end  model   car  that looks similar to the one pictured on the box. As you get more experience building models you will be able to pick up more techniques that will allow you to customize your models to suit your tastes.

All you will have to do is to find yourself some shelves that you can display your  model   cars  on so that company can enjoy your new found hobby. It will also allow you to track your experience from the beginning on. Now you will have a new hobby to last you from now on.