February 2012’s Best-Selling Car Models

The month of February of the current year has emerged as the period wherein some of the mid-size sedans in the market earned a significant increase in sales. This could mean that many car buyers prefer to purchase mid-size sedans over the other types of vehicles.

This observation is currently considered to be accurate since this is based on the major top ten sales charts all over the US. However, the mid-size sedans models were not able to fully dominate the sales charts since a number of SUVs and pickup trucks also obtained significant increase sales. In order to provide a clearer picture of the vehicle sales condition in the US in the previous month, a shortlist of the best-selling car models for the month of February is provided below.

1. Ford F-Series

Although most of the spots of the best-selling car models list for February 2012 are occupied by the mid-size sedans, the Ford F-Series which is composed of full-size pickup trucks from Ford still emerged as the most in demand vehicle. By the end of February, Ford dealerships that are scattered all over the US were able to sell about 47,273 units of pickup trucks. This simply means that majority of the car buyers are still attracted to the benefits and features provided by the Ford F-150 and its siblings.

2. Toyota Camry

The redesigned version of the Toyota Camry occupies the second spot of the February 2012 best-selling car models list with a total of 34,542 units sold. Although the Camry’s total sales as of February is more than 12,000 units lower than what the F-Series has obtained, the recorded sales figure still suggests that the Camry is still considered as one of the most popular mid-size sedan models in the US.

3. Nissan Altima

The third spot of the best-selling list for the month of February 2012 was claimed by Nissan’s lame-duck Altima. Statistics revealed that Nissan dealerships were able to deliver a total of 32,953 units of this mid-size all over the US and this impressive sales accomplishment was probably triggered by the Altima’s cheaper price and straightforward features.

4. Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet’s iconic full-size pickup truck which is the Silverado has achieved an impressive sales output for the past two months of 2012. Statistics revealed that the brand’s dealerships have successfully sold a total of 32,297 units of Silverado before the month of February ends and this figure has placed the model on the fourth spot of the best-selling list. Since the demand for this pickup continues to increase and the supply is quite stable, General Motors is quite confident that the Silverado will be able to claim the top spot before the year ends.

5. Honda Civic

The fifth spot of the best-selling list went to the Honda Civic. Honda has recorded that its dealerships were able to deliver a total of 27,087 units of the Civic. Although the total number of units delivered was lower compared to what the Camry and the Altima has obtained, Honda is still optimistic that the model’s total sales will continue to increase in the coming months and the company is also quite confident that the features of the current version of the Civic will continue to attract more buyers.

The Difference Between Repairing Early Model Cars and Cars of Today – Metal Straightening

Repairing Early  Model   Cars 

On early  model  vehicles the metal was thick, which had advantages and disadvantages. First of all, they had a lot of metal to work with. This allowed body men to hammer, dolly and pick on the metal, then file the top surface knocking the high areas down. Then they could repeat the process, work the metal and file the surface level. This allowed the body man to metal finish much of the damages without the need of body fillers. This is called metal finishing. If there were still a few imperfections remaining, the body man would use lead to fill the lows and file the surface level and smooth.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantage they had was the possibility to straighten and work the metal without the use of fillers. If we tried to use those methods on vehicles today, we would have a hole in the part from filing through the part. If we didn’t file a hole through the part, it would be very thin and weak. Another advantage of working on early model vehicles is being able to get to both sides of the panel. Vehicles today have limited access. It is hard to get behind most panels to use the hammer and dolly method. The disadvantage of working metal on early  model   cars  was the strength of the thick steel; it hard to move, unlock, and reshape. It took a lot more force to move the thick metal when straightening. The lead filler that was used also took more time and skill to fill the small imperfections. We are also more educated about lead today and the safety hazards of it.

Repairing Vehicles of Today

Today’s vehicles are thinner and have very limited access. However, improved fillers, such as body filler and tools have made the job easier. The most common tool to use for repairing dents is a stud nail gun. The cost of a stud nail gun ranges between $200 to $500. This tool tacks a small nail to the surface. Then you get a slide hammer or t-handle to pull on the nail. Therefore, you tack the nails to the low areas and lightly tap on the high areas with a body hammer. It is important to do this at the same time. Just pulling out on the low area will cause the metal to be over pulled and stretch the metal. Just hammering in on the highs may cause the entire area to be hammered in too much. This is referred to as chasing your damage around. It is always better to have multiple forces at one time. You need to think of it as rolling the damage out, rather than hammering or beating it out. The metal wants to go back to its original shape, you just need to help persuade it to. Forcing metal will result in stretched metal.

KISS Keep It Simple Silly

When you have access, a hammer and dolly can be used. This is probably going to be the fastest way to repair the damage if you have access. When performing auto body repair, think like electricity. Electricity move where ever it is easiest for it to pass through. The path of least resistance. This is why a ground wire is used on homes. If lightening hits your house, it will follow that ground wire that is attached to a ground rod that in hammered in the ground, as that is the path of least resistance. When determining how to repair a dent, just try to think of what would be easiest. Just because you have an expensive piece of equipment does not mean that you have to use it every time. If you can reach behind the panel and pull out on the low with one hand and push down on the high with the other hand, then simply use your hand to repair the damage. It may still need a little hammer and dolly work afterwords, but I have repaired many dents with nothing but my hands. Remember today’s metals are thin and it does not take much to dent or repair it.

What Ever It Takes

Whether you’re working on early or late model vehicles, just remember to select the tools that will make the job easiest to repair. Don’t over work the thin metal on late model vehicles, as the metals are thin. The use of body filler will help repair the surface back to its original shape.

by Donnie Smith

The Top 7 Safest Cars in the USA

Vehicle safety is an important aspect that needs to be considered when buying a vehicle. This is because buying one of the safest cars in the market provides an assurance that the driver and the other car occupants are safe in the event of collision or accident. Due to this, it is important for car buyers to determine the safest cars that are available in the market particularly those that are certified by reliable vehicle safety agencies such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). By knowing the vehicles included on the agency’s “Top Safety Pick” list, any buyer could easily select which of these models are suited to their vehicle safety needs.

In order to help car buyers in identifying the safest car models in the market, this article provides the top 7 safest cars in the USA based on the front, rear, side, and rollover crash tests conducted by the IIHS. These car models were able to obtain the “Good” performance ratings in all of the crash tests simulations conducted by the IIHS for this year.

1. Buick LaCrosse

The Buick LaCrosse is considered as one of the safest cars in the US right mow most especially on the large family car division. Since the LaCrosse is a luxury car, it is expected that this model is tough enough to prevent its car occupants from incurring serious injuries in case of accident or collision.

Fortunately, Buick has equipped the LaCrosse with all of the necessary safety features such as the advanced seatbelt system, crash avoidance technologies, and advanced airbag system. Due to this, the LaCrosse has performed well in each of the crash tests conducted by the IIHS. In fact, this large family car model obtained the highest rating of “Good” in the front, rear, side, and rollover tests.

2. Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is viewed as one of the safest cars in the USA right now, most especially among mini cars. This is because the 500 has earned an average rating of “Good” from the IIHS and this was based on the results obtained from the frontal, rear, and side crash tests that were conducted on the Fiat 500.

The Fiat 500’s impressive car safety ratings were made possible by the standard safety equipments installed in it such as the stability control, antilock disc brakes, and traction control. In addition to this, the availability of the side curtain airbags, front side airbags, and the driver knee airbag on the Fiat 500 has made the vehicle safer compared to some of its closest competitors.

3. Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze is one of the small car models that obtained the highest rating of “Good” in all of the crash tests simulations conducted by the IIHS. The Chevrolet Cruze depended on its full-length side curtain airbags, front and rear side impact airbags, and front knee airbags in keeping its car occupants from incurring serious injuries in the event of collision. In addition to this, the vehicle’s standard antilock brakes as well as its stability control system has also contributed in allowing the Cruze to earn the highest ratings from the IIHS.

4. Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata is currently considered as one the safest cars in the USA particularly in the midsize class. This is because the Sonata has earned the IIHS overall rating of “Good” in the frontal offset, side impact, and roof strength tests. With these ratings, it is quite correct to conclude that the Sonata has the capability to keep its driver as well as the other car occupants safe in the event of collision. The Sonata is also equipped with the active front head restraints that help prevent the driver and the front-seat passenger from incurring serious neck injuries that the force of impact during a collision might cause.

5. Honda Element

Honda’s small SUV which is the Element is also considered as one of the safest cars in the US right now. This is because the Honda Element has earned the IIHS highest safety rating of “Good” in the frontal offset, side impact, and roof strength test. This rating simply suggests that the Element is capable of ensuring the safety of its occupants in the event of collision.

The Element was able to obtain the “good” rating from all of the crash tests conducted in it since Honda’s safety engineers has installed a lot of safety features into the vehicle particularly the stability control, traction control, and antilock brake system. In addition to this, the vehicle’s active front head restraints, full-length side curtain airbags, and front side-impact airbags ensures that the car occupants would remain safe in case of sudden crashes. These equipments also prevent the car occupants from incurring serious injuries when the vehicle is involved in an accident.

6. Cadillac SRX

The Cadillac SRX is considered by a lot of car experts as the safest mid-size luxury SUV. This is because the SRX has provided an impressive safety performance when the vehicle was subjected to several crash test simulations by the IIHS. In fact, the vehicle has received the highest ratings that the agency provides for vehicles with above-average safety capabilities.

7. Toyota Sienna

Since minivans are considered as the most ideal vehicle for most families, it is important that this type of vehicle is equipped with the latest safety devices and features to ensure the car occupants’ welfare when accidents happen. Due to this, Toyota has used all of the best safety devices and features on the Toyota Sienna. As a result, the Sienna is currently regarded as the safest minivan in the market.

Lotus – Brand Name in Cars

Nowadays, Lotus Company is getting famous for its brand new sports car which is known as the Lotus Elise. The Lotus Elise is known to be the creation of the person named as Max David who is from London. The founder of the Lotus Company is Colin Chapman. The dream of this person was to manufacture a car which must be light weight and also has the superb performance. This dream was made true by the Max David.

Features of the new cars of Lotus: –

The engine of the new cars of the Lotus is modest but still it is able to provide the light weight structure to the car which provides the fantastic performance to the car. The shape of the models is created in such way that the focus must remain on the driving and dynamics of the model. This is the main reason the Lotus had designed the high performance and the good looking car. When the company launched the new models of the sports cars, then it gained a lot of attention because of the striking design and low weight.

The first model of the sports car of the Lotus Company is the Lotus Elise which was released in the month of September in 1995. And the company had gained so much response that they had launched the 2 main types of this model: the first model is of the Lotus Elise of Series 1 and other is of Series 2.

– The first model of the Lotus which was launched is of 680kg which is around 1500 lb. Besides this, the driving of the car is absolutely amazing because the models of the car have the perfect ability to accelerate, corner and brake. Due to this reason the weight of the cars can be compared to the Porsche. Another interesting fact is about the engine of the car. The Porsche was having the engine of 201bhp which is around 149 kW, but the cars of the Lotus was working brilliant on 120bhp or 89 kW.

– After the release and the success of the first model of the sports car from Lotus, the company then released another lighter version of the same model which had an amazing weight of 675 kg or 1488 lb. After this, Lotus launched another model which came to known as Lotus Elise 111S which proved to be much faster than the previous models. The main point of attraction of this car was the engine of the car which was known as the VVC or Variable Valve Control engine. The development of the engine was done from the Rover K series. Also the seats of the new models of the car were filled with extra padding.

American Muscle Cars

American automobile models produced between 1960s and 1970s are called muscle cars. These vehicles are called “super cars” during that period. The term “muscle cars” was initiated by the horsepower race. Credits were given to John Z. DeLorean who was the president of Pontiac division. He violated General Motor’s policy by putting large engine to small cars. This gave birth to 1964 Pontiac Tempest GTO which started the muscle cars explosion.

The popularity of DeLorean’s project inspired General Motors and its competitors to produce their muscle car brands. The 1960s muscle car brands include Barracuda, Road Runner, Camaro, Superbird, Cyclone, Firebird, Super Sport, Toronado, and Mustang.

Muscle Car Engines

I. V8 Engine

V8 muscle engine was developed by General Motors. It was the first one to use a high compression overhead valve. It assembled eight cylinders in two sections in one crankshaft. The use of single crankshaft gave the muscle cars faster speed and acceleration.

II. Hemi Engine

Chrysler developed this engine in the 1950s. Hemi came from the hemispherical shape of the combustion chambers. The design of the chambers allows the engine overhead valves to be positioned at an angle. The position of the valve gives an optimum flow of the fuel into the engine.

Popular American Muscle Car Models

1965 Pontiac GTO

This is the first model that started the American muscle car craze. It runs from 0-60 mph at 6.6 seconds. It has V8 engine with 389-cid. This car weighs a staggering 3,470 lbs. The total number of units sold was 32,450.

1965 Buick Skylark Gran Sport

This model is the first one to use 401-cid V8 engine and has convertible’s beefed-up frame. Performance is 0-60 mph at 7.8 seconds and weighs 3,200 lbs. The total number of units sold was 69,367.

1967 Pontiac GTO

This is considered as one of the most stunning muscle cars of all times. Certain features include 400-cid V8 engine, four-barrel carburetor, optional hood-mounted tach and power front disc brakes. It runs from 0-60 mph at 6.6 seconds and weighs 3,425 lbs. The total number of units sold was 81,722.

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429

This is one of the most unique models of Mustang. This car was built to satisfy the rules of NASCAR. It has V8 429-cid and runs from 0-60 mph at 6.8 seconds. Features include husky tires, suspension tweaks, and wide front track. It weighs 3,870 lbs. The total number of units sold was 858.

1969 Z28 Chevrolet Camaro

This model has one of the most desirable looks in the muscle car era. The unique feature of this car is its cowl-induction hood. It has a 302-cid V8 engine. It runs from 0-60 mph at 7.4 seconds and weighs 3,765 lbs. The total number of units sold was 20,302.

1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird

This is one of the most extravagant muscle cars ever produced. It has a 440-cid V8 engine with a single four-barrel carburetor. Certain features of this model include big rear wing and wind tunnel shaped snout. It runs from 0-60 mph at 6.7 seconds and weighs 3,841 lbs. The total number of units sold was 1,920.

1970 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda

The features of this car include sporty interior with four-speed manual transmission and 426-cid V8 engine. It runs from 0-60 mph at 5.6 seconds and weighs 3,900 lbs. The total number of units sold was 666.

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454

The features of this car include 454-cid V8 engine, F41 suspension, power front disc brakes, five-spoke wheels, blackout grille, and cowl-induction hood. It runs from 0-60 mph at 6.0 seconds and weighs 4,000 lbs. The total number of units sold was 9,502.

Honda Hybrid Cars

Modern buyers and car owners are getting brighter through the years. That is because there are lots of   car   models  and car makes out in car market today.

Every car brand and  car   model  is shooting to get to the highest level of support and patronage that would sustain for a very profitable and profitable revenues and sales not just currently but also in the future.

Car buyers have become more and more demanding as years goes by. Hybrid car buyers expect car makers to address the concerns and issues they raise against the current cars they own.

Car buyers anticipate upcoming new  car   models  to eliminate the unlikely traits and restrictions of the current car types.

It is in this manner that hybrid cars came to become the most interesting and most wanted cars of the next generation.

Giant car makers Toyota, Ford, General Motors and Honda have all at the same time embarked on a tight and pressuring race to become the best hybrid car manufacturer and distributor.

Honda cars

Out of scrap, Japans Honda has been highly productive in building their niche in the global car business. Two decades ago, Honda was nothing. It was an unknown Japanese car maker that seemed to hang around on its prototype cars.

As the years have gone by, Honda emerged hard to win the battle. Its perseverance has paid greatly, and now, it is competing head on against fellow Japanese car manufacturer Toyota in the worldwide number one spot for car producers.

In the United States alone, gross revenue of Honda hybrid cars have been constantly been on the climb in the past few years, and rivals , particularly the local based Ford and General Motors, are starting to feel the grind in their individual gross revenue.

Honda has become areal threat to other car manufacturers. There are more than enough reasons for that.

Hybrid cars

When the tight race for hybrid cars started a few years ago, Honda was among the first few car makers to have really stood up and take the subject seriously.

Over the years, Honda has made a patient, determined and capable confident team to set up R & D efforts for the brands own hybrid cars lines.

With their massive effort. Now, the most modern and most wanted hybrid  car   models  are displaying the brand trade mark of Honda.

The Accord hybrid

One of the most popular Honda hybrid cars is the Accord hybrid vehicle that is now out in the market and loving a huge and warm support from hybrid car drivers.

Honda claims that their hybrid car is zero-emission, but at the same time, the driver and car purchaser will get to know once again the exhilaration and feeling of driving a hot high-performance car.

This hybrid  car   model  by Honda is labeled as the makers most environmentally friendly. The costs are high, though, in the higher premium to the most priced traditional or conventional  car   model  in the market today.

The honda civic hybrid car

Honda has recently released its 2006 Civic Hybrids. This Honda hybrid car features of a capacity to importantly reduce on gasoline consumption while at the same time savoring the same old, well-loved characteristics of the traditional Honda Civic cars.

It is understood that hybrid cars are somehow more inferior and fall well behind compared to the traditional counterparts, because maybe of the limitations rising from the consolidation of electricity and gasoline burning inside its engine.

The honda Civic hybrid boasts that it has broke that limitation. The Honda Civic hybrid is currently available on the market at not so reasonable prices.

But do not let it set a setback for you to own one of these hybrid cars. The features and benefits of owning and driving the Honda Civic hybrid for sure would outpace or break the disadvantages.

Maisto Cars Review

Maisto Cars International Incorporated is a renowned brand in the manufacturing and production of die-cast and high quality replicas of the most popular makes and models cars and automobiles. They are producing the same sizes of toys replicating motorcycles and aircraft. The company started humbly but eventually got a big break in the industry with the introduction of Tonka products, and later on their own line of die-cast and 1:12 toy car models.

Maisto cars gained utmost popularity among mainstream consumers way back in 1990 when they competed with the likes of the Italian Bburago, Polistil, and the Franklin Mint models of 1/18 scale toy cars. When their main competitor Bburago failed in its bid to outclass Maisto, the company then became the only recognized strong competitor in the industry dominated by European and American names, especially in the year 2000 when Hot Wheels and other companies took some serious contention on their own.

Currently, Maisto cars produce and design licensed properties and toys representing motoring and vehicle trends, especially on body designs and colors. One of the most recognized affiliation is with that of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company. The 1/64 scale Maisto cars are die-cast models that compete well with bigger names like Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and Johnny Lightning. The newest additions to their line of toy cars meanwhile are so limited and contain customized themes that they aren’t actually released to all and are not mass produced. One of those examples is the AllStartz line where you get to see cars with custom rims, customized and trendy paint jobs, and lowered suspensions. Pro Rodz on the other hand have the same customizations but is generally composed of American muscle cars.

Maisto Cars Models

R/C Rock Crawler

This is a car that gives you the best radio control and off-road experience. It’s a truck operated with radio control and brags very sophisticated and articulated suspensions coupled with two motors and low gearing, the purpose of which is to make and enable a very realistic off-road action for anyone playing with it. There are front and rear suspensions and it likewise uses a tri-channel transmitter so as to enable three persons to simultaneously play with each other.

1/24 R/C Lamborghini Reventon

The way the 1/24 Lamborghini Reventon is replicated and turned into a powerful and entertaining radio controlled toy car is simply a classic work from Maisto cars. This particular model is one of the few that the company released, highlighting their new styles, and one of these is the dashboard hand controller packed with various frequencies for the purpose of driving two cars in simultaneous fashion.

Now those two Maisto car models are just some of the few that the company has included in its new breed and set of high quality replicas and die-cast models. Each version, model, or variety boasts a certain type of uniqueness and distinctiveness that make them compete equally with the likes of Matchbox, Hot Wheels, and other huge names in the toy car making industry.

Hybrid Car Models: Are They Worth It?

With gas prices going out of the roof, it is no wonder people are looking toward hybrid cars for their saving grace. Hybrids have been on the market for years and are extremely popular in California and other eco-aware states. However, the average person likely knows very little about hybrid cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The biggest reason most people have bought hybrid  car   models  in the past is because they are so much better for the environment. In fact, they let off much fewer pollutants than the average vehicle. With global warming being a big issue, those who are environmentally concerned are turning to hybrids for part of the answer to the problem.

A bigger reason people today are drawn to hybrid  car   models  however is because they really do get better gas mileage. Since they run partially on electric battery, they burn less fuel both in the city and on the highway. In fact, they can get about 11 mpg more than a traditional identical model of the same car. So, as the world is not likely to see a break in gas prices anytime soon, the hybrid  car   models  are looking better and better each day.

If you are interested in learning more about hybrid  car   models , hop on the Internet and start researching different models. Almost every major car manufacturer is offering several hybrid models, with more expected to be on the market in the next few years. You can even find big trucks and SUVs made as hybrid  car   models , so there is literally something for everyone.

Cartoon Cars Drawings – How to Get Started

If you feel a talented cartoonist inside yourself then do not hesitate and just go on with your talent. You will find cartoon drawing is an easy and fun work and after some practice you will get your skills more polished making you almost a professional cartoonist.

Most of the cartoons that youngsters make are cartoon cars. If you too want to draw a cartoon car then here are some simple steps for you to easily make a cartoon car.

First of all you need to gather drawing material. Do not go for the top quality material that is available in market. Pick some standard drawing kit and concentrate more on developing your drawing skill instead.

Choose a model of car from electronic images in magazines or simple pictures. If you can grab a model of the car that you want to draw, then by all means get one. There are many hobby shops that sell 16:1 model of many popular car models. When you will gather all stuff you will be ready for your first efforts.

The model you took from magazine [or the toy model from hobby store] needs your observation. Concentrate on its structure, its design, the way car is overall built and colors used in it. This observation will give you a clear idea to develop your own cartoon vehicle.

You idea about the car will be even more solid once you observe the headlights, hood and the grill of the car image/model. Think of your own addition to the cartoon car like adding a mouth and eyes to the cartoon vehicle. After thinking all this, the task will become very clear to you.

According to the professional cartoonists, the first draft of your drawing is not too easy. But if you do make your rough sketch of the cartoon wagon then the rest of work will be very easy. Actually your rough sketch lays down the foundation of your cartoon car and then you can add or make modifications in different parts of its body.

Now you need to filter the design and come back after some time to have a fresh look on your refined design. You may discover that it needs some modifications in it and some additions as well to make really alive.

Now the last step is to color your cartoon vehicle. Remember that color is a significant tool in making the image of your cartoon car. So choose nice colors for your car and enjoy your cartoon car by sharing it with your friends.

Here few words of caution I would like for you, The first time You draw your drawing may not look great. But do not be disheartened if you keep at it the drawing will improve. Another thing to keep in mind do not start with a very complex car model.

Your goal should be starting with a simple car model and drawing that many times and once you feel comfortable with the simple model you should plan for gradually taking up more complex work. And do not confine yourself in the field of car drawing only. Learn other aspects of cartoon drawing to really become a master cartoon maker.

Model Car Feathering Tips and Tricks

Have you ever noticed a  model   car  on which the paint job just seems to fade from one color to the next? This is what is known as feathering. Rather than having a sharp line between colors they have differing degrees of a fade depending on the look that is desired.

When feathering a  model   car  it can be very hard to achieve the scale that is seen in show vehicles. Most models will have very sharp lines between their colors. This means they were most likely painted by hand. Even the airbrushed ones can appear different from their real world counter part due to the scale of the feathering being off. The easiest way to remember proper scale is that if a  model   car  has a one inch feathering and you are working on a 1/32 car then your feather would have to be 1/32.

You could just paint your  model   car  but you know that a bit of feathering can make the difference between looking good and looking great. Now, how do you get it just right? With the right trick you can get exactly the amount of feathering that you want. One thing you will learn as you paint more and more of your own models is that the closer your mask is to the car the less feathering you will get in the paint job. The secret to getting the perfect mask is to get your mask close enough to the model yet not too close. You absolutely must also maintain that distance consistently.

The best methods to get this mask is to use Frisket Paper. This is a special paper that is transparent and has been prepared so that it can be used to protect artwork from damage if an artist needs to work on other sections. If you do not have access to Frisket Paper then you can use a thin sheet of paraffin wax just as well. Cut the shape you are attempting to cover out of the paper or wax. Then you take a piece of fishing line and apply it to the back side of the paper or wax near the edge to receive the feathering. If you need to you can use a toothpick to make sure you reach the right distance.

If you are looking to add a very small bit of feathering then you will probably want to place the line about 1/16th of an inch away from the edge of your masking material. This will give the paint a small but noticeable feather. By holding the mask just above the surface of your  model   car  the fishing line allows a small bit of paint to overlap your other paint job. If you want to increase or decrease the amount of mask all you have to do is to use a heaver or lighter fishing line. This will also allow you to achieve a paint scheme for your  model   car  that is much closer to scale than what it would have been.

One thing you will want to do is to insure that your fishing line is far away from the edge of the mask medium. If the paint can reach the fishing line you will end up with a hard line… the very thing you were trying to avoid in the first place. It may take a bit of trial and error but you will soon be feathering like a pro. Once you go to remove your masking medium just take your time and be easy about it so that you don’t inadvertently remove paint as well.