Why to Buy Toy Model Cars in Diecast

If you’re buying toy  model   cars  for the car loving tyke in your family, let us make a humble recommendation: Go with diecast  car   models .

Simply put, they just plain last longer. They’re more durable, and the dog won’t want to chew on it!

How many times have you bought plastic toy  model   cars  for your kid, and the darn things are broken less than a week after Christmas? Even one time is too often. The plastic they use to make toy cars tends to be kind of cheap and brittle, easily broken.

The thing is, plastic is cheaper and easier when it comes to mass production, so more and more, it’s becoming the choice material to create toy  model   cars  with. Unfortunately, they don’t last as long, they’re not quite as fun to play with, they don’t look as good… but, the bottom dollar is preserved. Plastic toy cars are more profitable to produce.

If you were a gearhead as a kid, you probably still have some of your die cast  model   cars  from your childhood. Maybe you’ve passed them on to your own kids, or even your grandkids. How many plastic toy cars get passed on from generation to generation? Not many.

Besides which, the fact remains that diecast toy cars are usually much cooler.

Hot Wheels diecast, for example. If you remember playing with Hot Wheels growing up, you remember how cool those cars were. Some of those 1:64 scale diecast toys served as surprisingly accurate replicas of real cars, while others were really neat little concept cars that were simply too crazy to ever be put into production, or indeed, even presented as a concept car to a major car design firm.

But if you’re talking about making toy cars, the sky is the limit, so we’ve seen all sorts of cool Hot Wheels shaped like dragons, scorpions and snakes, cars with machine guns and missile launchers mounted on them, and cars with way more rear wheels than any compact sports car could ever possibly need for any reason. And they’re all diecast, because Hot Wheels has it together and they know that diecast toy cars last longer, and more importantly, that they’re more fun to play with. They roll smoother, they look cooler and they just plain make for better toys, overall.

In other words, a diecast toy car is the sort of thing you can pass on to the next generation, where a plastic toy car is the sort of thing you can usually pass on to the trash can about a week after you’ve opened it.