Airbrushing Those Model Cars – Tips and How To

The best way to apply paint is by airbrushing. It takes less time, and, come off it; we humans are totally all about making things a bit easier. But when you do use the air brush technique can be sort of tricky. So, here are some steps for air brushing that you should keep in mind!

When and How to Use

There are a few circumstances in which you might use an air brush. One time when you would use this is when you have large areas to fill in. Another would be when you have thin lines. Many use this when they are mixing their colors as well to give it just the right tone. Start out with a single layered airbrush. This is easier to use until you have had practice with your models. The next things you’ll want to keep in mind are the air compressors. They can be tricky so make sure you really read up on them. A lot of airbrushes come with diaphragms that teach you how to use them. Make sure you test it on other things before your models. It can get tricky. Of course, there’s the obvious precaution of making sure you have plenty of ventilation too. Other safety precautions are wearing a mask over your mouth and goggles as well. For those of you who hate to get your clothes dirty, you can buy lab type coats to wear.

The paints should match up as well as possible; you might need a primer too. The model kit should tell you in the instructions what you need. To avoid catching any areas you don’t want spray painted, here are a few tips. First of all, use tape to tape off a boundary edge. Don’t spray at an angle. This is how you get the paint underneath the tape. However, if you do get it under the tape and want to get it off, rubbing alcohol always helps to remove paint.

Finding the Right Paint and Equipment

Before you go to mix paint so that the colors look authentic, try craft stores. Sometimes they carry those colors already mixed and ready for you to use. A tip to keep in mind is that most of the modern day kits use water based acrylics.

After you learn how to use the airbrush, it will go really quickly on the projects that you are working on. This takes time, as it would with anything new you use. You just have to have a bit of patience and some practice. There are many types of airbrushes and while one can suggest one thing in an article, only you know what you are ready to handle. Go to the store and pick up an airbrush. The sales people can help you pick out the perfect one. One type may do a better job in some instances, and another is better for other projects. It’s just that everyone prefers something over another thing and who better to help you than the ones who are getting paid to help you? This is especially true if this is your first ever time.