The BMW X5 Car is a Special Model

Do you like four wheel drive cars? Most people who do will appreciate the amazing BMW X5. Like all of the other BMW models the design of this car is very sleek and the design is very fashionable. It is typically available in black or dark grey colours. The design of the BMW X5 is elegant and will still fell the same way after many years. The purchase of a BMW can be regarded as a good long term investment because as well as holding their value well their model shapes also remains fashionable for years to come.

If you like going on driving holidays, and particularly driving off road, the BMW X5 represents the perfect purchase or rental for you and your family. With its four by four wheel driving system the BMW X5 will be easily able to negotiate any winding country roads, fields or steep hills. The BME X5 is either available in a Special Edition version or an M Sport version with four variations on each. Both models also start with a three litre injection engines and go all the way up to a 4.8 litre injection system. Both BMW X5 models have petrol and diesel options available. The BME X5 SE ranges in pricing from £40,605 to £51,220 and vary greatly in power from an output of 272 horse power to a staggering 355. The BMW X5 SE in terms of power, fuel consumption and emissions is exactly the same as the BMW X5 M Sport version. The only thing that seems to vary greatly is the price. For simply adding on M Sport to the name and changing the body shape slightly they have significantly increased the price.

Normal BMW’s like the M3 are typically know as boy racer cars but the BMW X5 is typically more of an elite car for a discerning buyer.

The BMW X5 is similar inside to the Range Rover from Land Rover. Much like the Porsche Cayenne in terms of practicality and space the Porsche Cayenne four wheel driver offers its illustrious potential owner a very comfortable drive, a great elevated seated position with great panoramic views.

When the BMW X5 3.0d SE was reviewed on Top gear in 2007 it achieved a respectable four out of five star rating. The car of eights as confirmed by Topgear’s Piers Ward, what you get for your money is eight percent higher fuel efficiency, eight percent less carbon dioxide emissions and it somehow manages to achieve eight percent more power. Amazing!!

As mentioned, emission for the newer versions are down from previous models which shows that BMW is striving to make their cars, particularly the heavier consuming ones like the X5 more environmentally friendly.

Whilst the BMW X5 can start from as little of £40,000 there are various financing options for hire purchase or lease purchase which mean that you can get your hands on the car for around £500 per calendar month. With a hire purchase this is great for a consumer like yourself as you can part exchange your old car, throw in some extra cash in order to bulk up your deposit and pay the rest off in monthly installments over varying periods like thirty six, sixty of seventy two months. You will obviously have to pay interest on any such deal but the advantage clearly lies in not having to layout so much cash initially which can be put to better use elsewhere. After all cash is king!!