Nascar Diecast Cars Are a Collector’s Favorite

What are Nascar Diecast Model Cars

Nascar diecast model cars are collectible toys that are produced using a die casting method. The cars are made of a metal alloy of aluminum and zinc, with the remaining parts of the car being plastic. Along with the growing popularity of Nascar racing in the 1990s, came the die cast cars and trucks of Nascar painted in the colors of the different racing teams. There were several different manufacturers of these products in the beginning with many of these manufacturers either dropping or selling their Nascar line as time has gone by.

The History of Die Cast Cars

Diecast (or die cast, or die-cast) toys were first produced early in the 20th century by manufacturers in the United Kingdom and in the United States. The first models on the market were basic, consisting of a small car or van body with no interior. In the early days it was common for impurities in the metal alloy to result in metal fatigue and the casting would crack or decompose for no apparent reason. As a result, diecast toys made before World War II are difficult to find in good condition.

In or about 1947, the popular Matchbox 1-75 series was developed and manufactured. The series was so named because there were always 75 different vehicles in the line, each packaged in a small box designed to look like those used for matches. These toys became so popular that “Matchbox” was widely used as a generic term for any diecast toy car, regardless of who the actual manufacturer was.

Nascar Diecasts Become Collectibles

As with anything developed with the sports fan in mind, these toy cars quickly became collectible items. As drivers such as the late Dale Earnhardt arrived at the track with different paint color schemes, a new diecast car would quickly arrive to match that new paint scheme and the fans of each driver would have to have the new car to add to their collection of memorabilia. Many of these cars are produced in special or limited additions which immediately make them attractive due to their limited availability. Thus, with the limited availability, as well as the addition of autographed models, these unique little diecast cars have become a favorite of Nascar collectors everywhere.