Cars for Sale: The Best Volkswagen Models of All Time

Old or new, cars are precious objects, especially for those who like to adore their automotive and are passionate about buying cars. Over the years there have been a lot of amazing car manufacturers around the world and one of the best is Volkswagen. From used cars to new cars, buying a Volkswagen is a dream come true. Some of the iconic Volkswagen models of all time are:

Volkswagen Beetle

Known as one of the most iconic cars designed in 20th century, Volkswagen Beetle is among the most distinctive and recognizable cars in the world. First produced in 1938 and continued to come of the production line until today, it is one of the longest running models in the world. Beetle is originally designed as an economy style vehicle and everyone who has used it loved it. The car is spacious and has extraneous strength and rigidity and is perfect for those who find happiness in small and charming cars.

Volkswagen Golf

First introduced in the year 1970, Volkswagen Golf has gone on to become the best selling model of all time. The Golf was designed and marketed as a small family car and is popular with both customers and the experts. Popular by the name of Golf in various parts of the world it was marketed as the Rabbit in USA and has got appreciation in every country that it is sold. The car is considered another of the iconic Volkswagen designs and its looks are a big part of its appeal. Keeping in mind its popularity among fans, Golf is definitely one of the finest cars for sale of all time.

Volkswagen Transporter

Another iconic looking automotive by Volkswagen, the Transporter is a series of minivans, campervans and minibuses and cannot be considered as a car. The transporters are among the most used cars for sale and are a beloved of families and groups of friends as a means of having a touring vacation. Transporters became the favorite of travel lovers and tour planners and were a common sight on the highways and byways during the summer months as a lot of people used them for getting around on their holidays.