Lotus – Brand Name in Cars

Nowadays, Lotus Company is getting famous for its brand new sports car which is known as the Lotus Elise. The Lotus Elise is known to be the creation of the person named as Max David who is from London. The founder of the Lotus Company is Colin Chapman. The dream of this person was to manufacture a car which must be light weight and also has the superb performance. This dream was made true by the Max David.

Features of the new cars of Lotus: –

The engine of the new cars of the Lotus is modest but still it is able to provide the light weight structure to the car which provides the fantastic performance to the car. The shape of the models is created in such way that the focus must remain on the driving and dynamics of the model. This is the main reason the Lotus had designed the high performance and the good looking car. When the company launched the new models of the sports cars, then it gained a lot of attention because of the striking design and low weight.

The first model of the sports car of the Lotus Company is the Lotus Elise which was released in the month of September in 1995. And the company had gained so much response that they had launched the 2 main types of this model: the first model is of the Lotus Elise of Series 1 and other is of Series 2.

– The first model of the Lotus which was launched is of 680kg which is around 1500 lb. Besides this, the driving of the car is absolutely amazing because the models of the car have the perfect ability to accelerate, corner and brake. Due to this reason the weight of the cars can be compared to the Porsche. Another interesting fact is about the engine of the car. The Porsche was having the engine of 201bhp which is around 149 kW, but the cars of the Lotus was working brilliant on 120bhp or 89 kW.

– After the release and the success of the first model of the sports car from Lotus, the company then released another lighter version of the same model which had an amazing weight of 675 kg or 1488 lb. After this, Lotus launched another model which came to known as Lotus Elise 111S which proved to be much faster than the previous models. The main point of attraction of this car was the engine of the car which was known as the VVC or Variable Valve Control engine. The development of the engine was done from the Rover K series. Also the seats of the new models of the car were filled with extra padding.