Saturn – Manufacturing Right Car Models at Right Price

Hybrid technology: craze in the market: –

The most demanding fashion among the car models in the market is the hybrid models. After the introduction of the gas-electric models in the market by Toyota and Honda, automakers had been indulged in the competition to catch up the race. Not only this, General Motors which is in the negative press coverage because of the financial woes, doing every best possible thing to jump into the race of the hybrid models.

The first hybrid model from the Ford Motor Company was launched by the name Ford Escape. But the model which had been released this year by Saturn is marvelous. In 2007, Saturn launched the VUE Green Line which was not very much expensive. This article discusses about all the features of the cars that had been manufactured from Saturn and the reason of their popularity.

Advantages and disadvantages of getting the hybrid vehicle: –

Going for the hybrid vehicle can be a great decision at the first glance. The main reason behind this is the high fuel mileage. Low consumption of gas and moreover the vehicle is very much environment friendly. But it had been generally noticed that the hybrid vehicles are having the heavy price premiums when compared to the gas engine. Another problem is that the government tax credits of the hybrid cars will expire soon, so there is always a huge expenditure of thousands of dollars than the average vehicle.

Reasons for getting the hybrid vehicles that are manufactured from Saturn: –

If a person is really interested in getting the hybrid SUV then he can have the option if the hybrid models of Toyota, Honda and Ford. But Saturn is also getting into the deal and manufactured its hybrid models that have all the excellent features of excellent SUV. Some of the features of the Saturn’s models are: –

Engine: the hybrid car models that had been manufactured from Saturn have excellent engine response. Latest car models have been powered by the 2.4L engine which produces the 170 horsepower. The engine of the model is so strong that it had been compared to the 2.2L gasoline engine which is producing the 143 horsepower.

Additional equipments: Besides the engine, some of the standard equipment upgrades had been added which is including the 16″ alloy wheel, traction control, antilock brakes and real spoiler with the bright side molding. Also the packages of usual power convenience packages are also included.

Mileage and attractive price: due to the increasing competition the cost of the models from Saturn is around 22995$. Besides the low price, car models are also showing the improvement in the fuel economy at highways.